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Art Journaling

Art Journaling is a fun, artful way to loosen your mind and free your spirit with every page being a spontaneous expression of your deep seeded creativity. Like any part of your mind, the more you practice being creative the more creative you will become and Art Journaling is the perfect place to start. But where to begin…


Getting Started

Begin with any journal of course! The best journal for Art Journaling would be a spiral-bound, watercolor notebook but any notebook or journal will do. Next is the art supplies; grab some paints, markers, glue, paper scraps, your set of 32 scrap booking scissors that you just haven’t been able to use yet; the whole shebang. The best part is YOU decide what art materials YOU want to use in YOUR journal.


But What Now

With everything set up and ready to go, you may find yourself wondering, “What now?” especially if being creative is not something you do often. Regardless of your creative experience, the best practice for art journaling is to not think, just do. It is of course easier said then done but an example to help put it in perspective is a time I was Art Journaling.

It was a warm summer night and the house was drowned in a cozy silence. I had just finished a simple blue to yellow gradient on a random page of my art journal with another blank page just to the right of it. With my brush covered in blue and yellow paint, and the resulting green hue, I got the sudden and overwhelming urge to slap my colored brush against the adjacent blank page. Before I knew it, the page had filled with a beautifully random shape and splash of color and I was not only astounded with the result but encapsulated by its mysticism as well.

It is really that easy and always remember… Don’t think, Just do!